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To date, Sloan's most popular works have been from her Conversations in Grey series which she began in 1983. In a 1992 review of works from the series, art critic John Linn observed that in "the paradox of these pleasant appearing works which, on closer scrutiny, yield a cold, calculated inventory of anguish and pain.... Sloan's demonstration of resolution is satisfying, especially framed against the background of conflict..."

"...not to be devalued is the quality of reconciliation; some would call it expiation. In the last analysis, it may be the most comforting of all endings. An artist much greater even than Bacon made the point well. The poignant subjects of Rembrandt eloquently make the point of man reconciled with his storm tossed fate as just another manifestation of his humanity. Sloan's works could do much worse than to travel in such company."

DR. JOHN LINN, Joint Educational Consortium, 1992

"The two works on paper from your Conversations in Grey series are spectacular."

TOWNSEND WOLFE, Arkansas Art Center, 1996

"Barbara Sloan is represented by only two small drawings, but they stand large amongst the company. Sloan's pieces, both from the series Conversations in Grey, incorporate the written language and expressionist composition into intimate and eloquent communications. Both are tiny, self-contained diptychs which combine stencils, handwriting and large spontaneous X's into a dialogue between the written word and the artist's mark or line."

COREY DUGAN, Number, 1987

"There is a powerful cast bronze sculpture, Stranger Warrior, and a beautiful abstract painting in grays by Barbara Sloan. They show her facility with either media and her serious pursuit of her own personal imagery."

DAN MORRIS, The Arkansas Gazette, 1985

"Mixed-media art at its best describes the creations of Barbara Sloan."

EVELYN S. COOPER, The Arizona Republic, 1990

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