AKAS II's Quick-Fix Rules of Recordkeeping

#1: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Never use a bookkeeping system that you don't understand!

#2: KEEP A CALENDAR, DIARY OR JOURNAL OF WHAT YOU DO. Those little scribbles can come in really handy at tax time!

#3: IF IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH MONEY YOU RECEIVED, KEEP THE EVIDENCE. It might be taxable to somebody some day!

#4: SAVE ALL DOCUMENTS THAT ARE FOR BUSINESS OR ARE TAX-RELATED TRANSACTIONS. When it's obviously personal and you're certain it won't be taxable or have importance on down the road, shred it!

#5: IF YOU'RE NOT REALLY SURE, SAVE IT ANYWAY. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Never underestimate the importance of recordkeeping. See the Recordkeeping Kits for more!

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