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Have you ever asked any of these questions?

"My hobby is oil painting, and I sold a few pieces last year. Am I required to pay any taxes?"

"As a professional artist, should I write off all my expenses for the studio in my home? How do I do that and not get into trouble?"

"Aren't dues and publications deductible anymore? I don't see a line for it on Schedule C."

"My tax preparer says I should not deduct my automobile expenses or my business meals on my income tax return. How come?"

It was because of questions like these that I first started writing the Do-It-Yourself Quick-Fix TaxKits in 1994. I found myself being asked the same questions over and over again, questions I had already addressed in my accountancy monograph in 1987 and would later in my tax law dissertation in 1997 - even questions from countless C.P.A.'s who had no knowledge of the Creative Property Exclusion of 1988 or the individual artist's sales tax responsibilities. I have long believed the resources on taxation for visual artists to be grossly inadequate so I designed this series of tax and business guides to try to meet the various needs of self-employed painters, sculptors, and other visual artists.

My knowledge of the Tax Code requires that I regularly update my concise, easy-to-use TaxKits with the latest tax rules. But it is my work as an artist with a history of art sales for over 43 years that gives me a better understanding of the artist's plight when it comes to business and taxation. I invite you to look at both sides of my career, starting with the website below.

Barbara A. Sloan, BFA, JD

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