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Darrell Loy Scott was born in eastern Oklahoma yet grew up in northern California. His art studies at the College of the Sequoias were interrupted in the mid-sixties when he enlisted to serve in the Air Force in Laos and Thailand during the Vietnam conflict. He was awarded two bronze stars for his bravery, and, following his discharge from military service, moved to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico. He finally settled in Louisiana where he worked as a carpenter for thirty years.

An intuitive painter, Darrell brings his life experiences and travels to his artmaking. His carpentry skills have enabled him to build his own cedar frames as well as the wooden surfaces for his acrylic paintings. He has been an avid student of art history, and his keen interest in aboriginal art is reflected in his use of bright colors, high contrast, and semi-pointillism in his paintings and graphics.

Today Darrell is best known for his "folk" paintings, stylized figurative acrylics on hardboard depicting the rural gentility of African-Americans in the South. His older works of oils on canvas show his true love of the landscape. Most recently, he has created computer-designed and printed graphics of florals, figures, and landscapes.

While earlier paintings were signed "D. Scott", Darrell began using his middle name to readily mark those works which he created during the new millennium. The artist commented, "Someone once told me to remember that what I put in my paintings will last forever... I don't think about painting for other people... or whether the painting will sell or not. I paint because it makes me happy."

Darrell currently lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he works full-time at his art. His artwork is shown at galleries in Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio, and upstate New York. For more about the artist, click here.

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