Arts Administrator
Barbara has been working as an arts administrator in both the public and private sector since graduating from college. In 1980 she initiated the visual arts division of the small but thriving arts center in Hot Springs, where she helped facilitate its subsequent merger with the Southern Artists Association.

In April of 1984, Barbara began a multi-service art brokerage and educational facility in Hot Springs known as Ana's Kitchen Art Services. Despite the critical success of AKAS's contemporary art gallery, the business ended in December of 1985. The brokerage continued under the name AKAS II and relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona. There her business evolved over the next twelve years as she added more business and tax services for artists and non-artists.

Today, Barbara continues her consulting and writing of tax manuals for artists from AKAS II's home in Hot Springs.


Arts Educator
Barbara has taught a wide variety of studio art courses professionally since 1978. Besides her teaching duties at the Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs and Ana's Kitchen Art Services, she was an adjunct drawing instructor at Garland County Community College.

Shortly before her employment at Arizona Bronze Art Foundry, she taught at the Arizona Museum for Youth. She has also given art, tax and business workshops for artists in the Phoenix area.

Arts Advocate
In 1981, Barbara was a member on the Art and Historic Photographs Committee for the 150th Anniversary of Hot Springs National Park. Four years later, she worked with the inaugural Advisory Board of the Arkansas Artists' Registry in setting its guidelines and enlisting artists for its programs. She served on the Arkansas Arts Council's Visual Art Grants Review Panel in 1986 and was co - President of Women in Design/International - Phoenix Chapter in 1987.

Barbara's curriculum vitae has been included in the International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs and in the International Registry of Artists and Artworks. During 2004-2009, she was chief trustee of the Hanor-Westfall Memorial Fund for Artists, an unincorporated association which she helped found in 1984.

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