Ana, age 3 in Ljubljana

Ana, age 17 in Trieste

Ana, age 32 and pregnant in Paris

Ana, age 53 in Hot Springs with first grandchild Gretchen

Ana, age 70 in Hot Springs



was born on June 22, 1927 in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. She was the daughter of Ana Cebulj and Edvard Antosiewicz, a prominent businessman, Olympic medalist, and ardent defender of democracy. From her parents she acquired her fortitude, her family values, and her fluency in five languages. As a teenager, she endured the German occupation during World War II but, to avoid the Communist rule in post-war Yugoslavia, fled to Trieste. There she worked as an interpreter for the local government and did intelligence work for the American government.

In Venice, Italy, she met and then married Captain Clay A. Sloan, M.D., who helped her become reunited with her parents. With her husband, she moved to his native Arkansas in 1948 to start her own family. She was devoted to her family, earning her the nickname "Mama Bulba". Her greatest joy in life was being a mother to her eight children, and she encouraged her sons and her daughters to excel in their chosen professions - whether pilot or plastic surgeon, pastry chef or engineer. As her children grew, she was active in church, school and civic projects, most notably, her presidency of St. Joseph's Hospital Guild in Hot Springs.

She opened her heart and hearth to young and old alike and habitually put the welfare of others before her own needs. Those who knew her saw her as an intelligent and beautiful woman, full of life, who made everyone feel both welcomed and wanted. Among her most memorable expressions were "You can't pass around democracy like it's a plate of fudge!" and "Have you had anything to eat yet?"

On the evening of November 5, 2001, Ana Sloan left this world and went waltzing with the Moon, so brightly shining together in their dance across the heavens on that cool, clear night. She did not want anyone to mourn her death but to celebrate her life as she did ours.

And she is most certainly missed.

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